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Pastor Peter Kirui | Exodus 23:25

When the children of Israel were in Egypt, they lived in the poorest part of the nation and did not have access to the best food; most likely, sicknesses and diseases were a normal part of their lifestyle. God then promised that He would bless their bread and water and they would no longer experience infirmity. The foremost instruction was that they should serve Him. When you dwell in God’s presence, His power will affect you. Our service is part of our worship to God. By serving God and allowing Him to express Himself through us, we become assets to Him. God was showing the Israelites that what they put into their bodies impacted on their health. Jesus never said that food is unimportant but that Man has a spirit and a body. Man’s spirit came from God because God breathed into his nostrils. To maintain man’s spirit, you need God’s revelation. However, the physical body which came from the soil must be maintained with products from the soil (Matthew 4: 4; Deuteronomy 8:3). Eating is living. You are what you eat. The quality of your life will not be better than the quality of what you eat. Although God promised Israel supernatural health, He also gave them guidelines on hygiene and what they could or could not eat. These were given for their benefit and not just to promote holiness (Exodus 15: 26; Leviticus 11 – 15). Moses equated cleanliness with holiness because if you are clean on the inside, it will reflect on the outside. If you want to attract God, keep your environment clean. Heaven is not a dirty place (Deuteronomy 23:12-14)!

The following should be helpful to us: Eat for the right reasons (Ecclesiastes 10: 16-17). Don’t use food as a substitute for God (Isaiah 61:3). Eat a balanced diet. Eat with moderation, control and discipline. Do not go into excess; either too much or too little. Understand how YOUR body works. Be sensitive to how your body responds to what you eat. Your body was designed for your destiny (Psalm 139: 14-16). Exercise, rest and sleep well (1Timothy 4:8). Overworking and not taking time to rest shows a lack of trust in God’s ability. Manage your stress levels. Enjoy what God has given you per time (Exodus 15: 26). Finally, ALWAYS do the Word (Exodus 15: 26). Forgive, keep away from adultery and fornication and obey God’s laws (Proverbs 4: 20-22).